About Us

Hello! My name is Barb Santini and I’m the lucky person who gets to play with your dog while you go and have a good time yourself (okay, okay… or while you’re away on business – because sometimes we have to work, too.) I have over 35 years of experience in the animal and health care fields. My experience started at Columbus State College in the veterinary technician program and ended in the microbiology department at East Liverpool City Hospital. I have gone from working at Winona Veterinary Hospital in Winona, Ohio with Dr. Bruce Marhefka to working with “people germs” in the laboratory at our local hospital.

I’ve had dogs – and a miscellany of other animals - in my life for as long as I can remember. As I say, dogs are some of the best people I know!
I currently have six Golden Retrievers: Delaney, Otis, Bailey, Carli, Buddy, and little Miss Emmylou. (I also have one crazy parrot named Alex.) One of my most rewarding ‘dog-tales’ is taking my oldest girl, Delaney, to get certified as a therapy dog. Together, we visited many nursing homes, hospitals, and even local elementary schools (where kids who had difficulty reading could hone their skills while reading to some wonderful furry friends!) Delaney and I spent a total of eight years in this service group – known as “Paw Pals” – ‘retiring’ only when Delaney aged to the point of being better suited for days filled with lots of naps and treats rather than being on the go. Now, she’s the boss here at Muddy Paws and oversees all operations with a kind heart and a gentle soul – and always one eye on the treat bin!

Delaney is my ‘Right-Hand Girl’, and we are privileged to welcome so many dog friends into our lives, our kennel, and our hearts.



Barb Santini, Owner

14339 McCormick Run Road •Lisbon, Ohio 44432

(1/4 mile off State Rt. 518, around the corner from Hoppel’s Arena)


• Family owned & operated business in a quiet country setting on 27 acres of beautiful woods & fields overlooking  Beaver Creek.

• Personalized dog boarding service with multiple walks per day.


  • One-on-one staff to pet ratio playtime for your pet,          tailored to your pet’s personality and ability.

  • We accept - and love - all breeds of dogs!

  • Large indoor and outdoor runs with 5’ perimeter fence       

  • Call and make an appointment to plan your pet’s

     vacation while you're away - your dog will love it!